Horse Riding


Time : 5 hours aproximately

There are many routes to riding hourse, the most popular is from Huaraz to Wilcawain is 7 kilometers , in the way you can see Andean people who are working their farms, the view is panoramic to enjoy the Cordillera Blanca.

After arrive to Wilcawain ruins (this mean Grandson’s House) you have the chance to visit this arquelogical place. Near to wilcawain there is other place is called Ichic wain (small house) these ruins was bild 800 years a.c. belong cultura Wari.

The Second Option is Riding from Chancos to Honcopampa Ruins by 5 hours the loop aproximately, in this case we need to leave very early by bus from Huaraz to Marcara City (30 minutes aproximately) and then catch the bus from Marcara to Chancos point to star the Riding Hourse.
From Chancos to Honcopampa you have a panoramic view to Cordillera Blanca you pass for several small village where the people wearing very nice clothes and are very friendly.

Finally after arrive to Honcopampa you have the chance to enjoy this arquelogical place. Optional tours could be spend one night in this place so in the second day you can visit wonderfull waterfall

What's included?


Transportation by vehicle to and from the roadhead


meals as well as a bilingual guide

who will handle the first aid kit.


Alcoholic beverages



additional tours


and other personal gear