Santa Cruz Trek


DAY 1: 5 hours aproximately

There are two points to star our trek cashapampa and vaqueria town, in this program we are going to star in Cashapampa( 3,900 m.a.s.l.), from there our first couple hours will be step into Santa Cruz Valley, this Valley is very narrow and very warm. We can see the first Mountain after 4 hours trek, in the way there are the high anden flora like Quenual , Aliso, Machito amount other ones. in this first day the distance is 10 kilometres until to arrived to the Llamacorral base Camp ( 3,750 m.a.s.l.)

DAY 2: 5 hours aproximately

After to have a strong breakfast, we star to hike, in the way you can enjoy Ichiccocha and Hatuncocha lake, on the left will be Quitaraju Mountain and on the right Aguja, Caraz and Artensonraju Mountain, at the front will be Taulliraju Mountain, this glaciar is easy to see during the all trek, 40 minutes before to arrived to the second base camp (Taullipampa 4,250 m.a.s.l.) on the left you can see the most beautiful montain “Alpamayo “, the distace to trek is 12.500 kilometres

DAY 3: 8 hours aproximately

This one is the big day the unnevess is 500 meters, is 3 hours step until to get Punta Union pass (4,750 m.a.s.l) fron this point you can enjoy to see in 360 grades a lot of mountains like Artensonraju, Quitaraju, Taulliraju, Pukaraju, Contrahierbas, Paria,Piramide,Caraz, and other more. After enjoy the view we star to descend, in the way you can see Morococha lakes and Saquicocha lake until to get the base cam Paria or Cachinapampa ( 3,750 m.a.s.l.),the distance to trek is 13 kilometres.

DAY 4: 4 hours aproximately

During the last day we are going to pass amount quenuales, farms until to get our exit trek Vaqueria (3,700 m.a.s.l), from there we come back by bus to Huaraz but in the way you will pass Portachuelo (4,768 m.a.s.l) from this point you can see Huascaran, Huandoy, Chacraraju and Pisco Mountain, before to arrived to the chek point of the Huascaran National Park also you can see LLanganuco lake.


What's included?


Transportation by vehicle to and from the roadhead

two-man tents including sleeping pads

pack animals

kitchen crew and commissary gear with all meals included as well as a bilingual guide on the trek

who will handle the first aid kit.


Alcoholic beverages




laundry service

additional tours


sleeping bags

hiking boots and other personal gear.